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Article introduction

Stiff neck is a kind of commonner problem, if be in the process of Morpheus, if the height of the pillow is improper, can appear this kind of problem. A lot of people can appear stiff neck problem, include a few children. And stiff neck is the feeling with can be brought more painful to the person, appear so after this kind of problem, must undertake in time handling to the child’s neck. Below, introduce treasure for everybodyFall in love with the sea

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The processing technique of treasure stiff neck!

 The child sleeps stiff neck how to do

One, sleep stiff neck but adjustable and cervical

It is OK to when making this motion, sit to wear and standing, if the upper part of the body holds erect position can. Look up hold out a bosom, first will cervical extend up, extend the body to do as far as possible can susceptive is the biggest limits, to cannot again stretchy when shrink downward as far as possible, chin stands by a neck as far as possible, when shrinking to cannot shorten again, extend up again, this movement can be done 20 times continuously. Can prevent cervical muscle effectively to produce adhesion so, improve cervical and unwell rate effectively. When the attention just began to extend a neck, should have not exerted oneself to do sth. at a draught slowly big.

2, sleep stiff neck can rotate cervical

Sit on the chair, turn cervical towards the left first, the body still maintains erect shape not to turn accordingly, it is OK to turn to the body susceptive most substantially when two soon left shoulder, maintain hind of 5 seconds of left and right sides to turn to right with same method, see right shoulder, the left and right sides is done 20 times each. This motion method can the activity is cervical main and collateral channels, let unobstructed of cervical gas blood.

 The child sleeps stiff neck how to do

3, sleep stiff neck can knead gently cervical

the collar button unlock of jacket, sit in as far as possible not lest leak place is cervical again catch a cold. heat build-up of attrition of two tactics palm, cervical as far as possible upgrade is extended, be in in the neck with tepid palm gently rub is kneaded, use the power that points to an abdomen. The movement arrives to be accelerated slowly by light delay first, strength also can be moved appropriately1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Do aggravating touch, until massage a neck local and calorific can.

 The child sleeps stiff neck how to do

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Sleep stiff neck can control crooked head

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When making this motion, sit1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Move it is OK to standing, two arms loosen prolapse, first first towards the left is crooked, the bodySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Hold erect record, two arms nature is flagging, zun Er is stuck as far as possible rely on left shoulder, next again the head right crooked, right side is stuck as far as possible rely on right shoulder, control crooked head 20 times.


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