[itching below man hip is how to return a responsibility] – of pathogeny of _ of reason of _ penis urticant _


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Male friends want only it is him disclosure the Sao below hipShanghai noble baby

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Urticant cannot treat sth lightly quite, seasonable1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Going to a hospital making an inspection just is to be able to be in be aware of oneself to suffer from for a short while went up which kinds of disease, it is place of male division disease is caused for the most part, it is to suffer from likely most went up reproductionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Implement bleb, once this kind of disease happens it is can infectious, because this people must want take segregation therapy, someone else is infected during such ability can avoid show effect.

Itching below man hip is how to return a responsibility

The main pathogen that HSV-2 is genital bleb (90%) , after infecting, cause genital bleb is sent first. After genital bleb subsidise is being sent first, move of axis of nerve edge nerve comes Di ganglion all round the virus classics of remaining and long-term conceal comes down, be reduced when airframe resistance or certain arouse an element to be like function of bowel of calorific, catch cold catch cold, infection, menstruation, stomach below the action such as disorder, scar, can make delitescent virus activations, virus be issued to lower levels causes ill damage to surface of skin mucous membrane, bring about recrudesce. The mankind is the only host of herpes virus, leave virus of human body criterion to cannot live, ultraviolet ray, ether reachs what general disinfectant all can make to destroy vivid.

Genital bleb is sent at the beginning of 1.

Genital bleb cent sends to be bleb of genital of former hair sex and blame to be sent formerly first genital bleb is sent first. Former appear to affect HSV for the first time symptom person to send sexual genital bleb formerly1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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. Its illness is relatively serious. And partial patient is gone to already had had HSV-1 to affect (basically be lip or face bleb) affect HSV-2 again again and appear of genital bleb the first time fit, send formerly to be not send firstShanghai night net

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Genital bleb, its illness is opposite lighter.

Itching below man hip is how to return a responsibility

(1) is preclinical 3 ~ 14 days.

(2) has group of bunch or sporadic urine blister all round external genital organs or anus, 2 ~ are defeated after 4 days;burst;ulcerate;fester form erosion or ulcer, consciousness is aching.

(3) inguinal lymph node constant intumescent, have tenderness.

(4) patient can appear calorific, have a headache, lack of power wait for systemic symptom.

(5) course of diseases 2 ~ 3 weeks.

Itching below man hip is how to return a responsibility

Bleb of genital of 2. recrudesce sex

The rash after subsidise of the former mean that send a skin has a relapse instead, symptom of the formerer whole body that send a gender reachs bleb of recrudescent sex genital leather damage is light, course of diseases is shorter.

(Before the rash since 1) local have burn feeling, acanthesthesia or feeling are unusual.

(2) all round external genital organs or anus group bunch urine blister, defeat very quickly;burst;ulcerate;fester form erosion or shallow ulcer1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, self-conscious symptom is lighter.

Course of diseases 7 ~ 10 days.


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