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Article introduction

The sort of gymnastical equipment is very much really, the gymnastical result that these gymnastical equipment can produce also each are not identical, so, to meLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
People if wanting to exercise, the body place that should want to take exercise according to oneself will decide he should choose what kind of fitness equipment, otherwise, do useless work probably, today, come to next decreasing to everybody introductionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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What does equipment of fat fitness receiving an abdomen have.

Reduce weight what does equipment of fitness receiving an abdomen have

1, chatelaine reduces weight outside Yuan Gong

Far infra-red chatelaine reducing weight can be decreased effectively redundant and adipose, it is us commonly used solidA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The equipment of a fitness of benefit.

2, swing fat machine

The machine that swing fat is a gymnastical equipment that relies on motor to shake, the shake movement that relies on motor is used at adipose, make its acuteness move, with achieving the effect that reduce weight, with much can allow splanchnic damage, careful with. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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3, yoga mat

Name of yoga mat friend is thought of justice it is the pad that when be being used at practicing yoga, uses, can cut off effectively ground cold, catch soil fertility strong, doing yoga is a kind of very good thin body method, still can fitness.

4, celiac machine board

Decreasing abdomen is experienced abdominal muscle, this male that suits to love fitness is used, not only can thin body, the muscle that still an abdomen goes up gives take exercise come out.

5, ran machine

Ran machine men and women suits, this is motion having oxygen, not only can thin abdomen, still can exercise the whole bodyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Muscle, make a figure well-balanced.

6, model bellyband

Model bellyband suits female thin gut, bind get on this to be able to control you to have a thing, but this is bound long side effect is very big, do not suggest.

7, gem gal ball

Gem gal ball also calls gymnastical ball or ball of gem gal fitness. It is a kind of ball games tool that cooperates athletic fitness. Suit the person that the female reduces weight. The place of hollowness had better be being compared when gem gal ball is used, otherwise put to good use does not leave.

7 kinds introduced to reduce weight to everybody above equipment of fitness receiving an abdomen, so, if everybody wants to reduce weight if receiving an abdomen, the equipment that can choose to suit oneself according to the circumstance of oneself goes taking exercise, and these equipment cover an area of an area still is not very big, can buy to be in the homeForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Use in, more convenient, can make full use of a few scattered time go taking exercise, make gymnastical effect more remarkable.


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