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Article introduction

Every to burning hot summer a lot of people often can undertake natant taking exercise, among them the seaside turned us into close nature and the place to go that experience the life to had been compared, the mental pressure that can allow us so gets be releasinged very well, can let the body become more healthy, but undertaking natant in the seaside is motion of a kind of outdoor after all, must do better prevent bask in etc, the seaside below an understanding swims below what to notice.

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Seaside natant attention what

? ? The first swimsuit

1. should wear the swimsuit that joins system

Because be in open water area, it is days to also can have intense ultraviolet illuminate, so if do not wear those who join systemForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Systemic swimsuit dispute often is suntanned easily by the sun, and very easy also by ultraviolet ray burnable, appear even sweltering phenomenon.

The swimsuit that 2. wants to wear many facial expression

Because field is not a swimming-pool, bad resolution color, especially the color with large gray scale, want to wear gorgeous color and red, lest be searched not easily.

The 2nd strung float

Want to fasten float, because be in natatorium to swim the person of be used to is tiredForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Can rest in Chi Bian, but make public the place that water area did not rest, encounter emergency to do not have law processing, best department rise floats, reserve; notices the child especially.

The 3rd tide rule

Going the seaside swims or amuse oneself when, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Must understand tidal situation ahead of schedule, must not be in normally withered tide when enter the water swim, because the ocean current of this moment is rapidder, be swept very easily by seawater.

Travel of the 4th go into business wants accompany person of the same trade

Collective force is powerful drop, amused activity is to want everybody to participate in drop!

The 5th has the personnel of the following disease cannot go into business swims

1, heart of severe high blood pressure, coronalForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Such patient is in disease of thrombus of ill, head the as a result of seawater stimulation in seawater sends heart’s-blood easily to be in charge of convulsion, cause the accident with heart head ill blood-vessel to happen. Wait like miocardial infarction cerebral haemorrhage.

? ? 2, rheumatism, asthmatic disease: Bath of sea of this kind of patient can make an illness aggravating.

The 6th warming-up

This thing that has been platitude, do what thing no matter, should shift to an earlier date ready-made moves, go into business swims to need likewise. For example systemic joint mixes the activity to take dozen of body gently with seawater, let the body get used to briny temperature gradually, because be opposite,avoid thereby of briny temperature unwell the jerky appearance that cause.

The attention swims to the seaside namely above what the introduction, after passing understanding, we know to return can the face swims we must have been done prevent bask in, and should select good swimwear, at the same time heart disease and the person of rheumatism had better not undertake natant to the seaside.


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