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Dispatch dragon benefit must pack Chinese net finance and economics on June 13 presswork Inc. (abbreviation ” Long Deli ” ) in card inspect meeting website published book of raise capital by floating shares recently, the company plans to handing in place greatly to do poineering work board issue seventy-three million eight hundred and thirty-three thousand three hundred publicly, this second after issueing, total capital stock does not exceed 295 million. This second IPO protects the company Jian orgnaization is east Wu Zheng certificate.

Book of raise capital by floating shares shows, long Li gets this second IPO to draft collect capital 330 million yuan, among them 120 million yuan of plans are used at repaying bank loan and compensatory circulating fund, occupy than 36.36% , odd part will be used at green environmental protection to presswork the industry that pack extend of 4 wisdom factory, intelligence is efficient presswork shape linkage line and net of couplet of intelligent other people and storehouse manage two kinds of big projects.

Public data shows, long Li must hang out his shingle on August 7, 2015 new 3 board, use an agreement to transfer pattern at present, line base layer. The company basically pursues the research and development of corrugated box, chipboard, carton, design, production and sale. The direct raw material of the company basically is base paper, 2014-2016 year, base paper cost is occupied advocate the scale of business Wu cost is respectively 89.96% , 89.63% , 89.22% , the company shows, if value of base paper market rises con爱上海同城论坛

siderably,did not come, the stability that brings about a company to manage outstanding achievement. Meanwhile, the company purchases the supplier of raw material to exist to spend high risk centrally. Report period, the company is forward the amount that 5 suppliers purchase raw material occupies the proportion that purchases total to be achieved respectively 84.16% , 92.04% , 85.23% . The company says, be like main supplier cannot seasonable, full specified amount, protect provide raw material character, the production to the company management activity produces bigger effect.

Book of raise capital by floating shares shows, 2014-2016 year, dragon is capable and forward total sale takes 5 big clients current advocate the scale of business Wu income is respectively 51.70% , 56.19% , 44.57% . The company says, if the collaboration of company and main client produces change, or main client oneself is managed difficult, cause the likelihood the effect to the business development of the company.

In addition, 2014-2016 year each period end, dragon is capable still exist the risk with receivable Zhang money and larger amount of goods in stock. 2014-2016 year each period end, value of face of Zhang of money of company receivable Zhang is respectively fifty-nine million nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand four hundred yuan, fifty-nine million seven hundred and five thousand eight hundred yuan, one hundred and sixteen million nine hundred and 上海贵族宝贝交流区

twenty-four tho上海千花网

usand six hundred yuan, occupying the later and decadent stage of a school of thought of period of the corresponding period to move asset scale is respectively 14.70% , 17.20% , 30.14% . The company says, in view of amount of receivable Zhang money bigger, be like risk of debt of main client occurrence countervail, the financial standing of the company will be affected. The corresponding period, value of face of Zhang of company goods in stock is respectively 159 million yuan, 157 million yuan, 119 million yuan, occupy current the scale of liquid assets 上海千花网龙凤论坛

is respectively 39.11% , 45.35% , 30.57% . Book of raise capital by floating shares is announced, 2014-2016 year, capable implementation battalion receives dragon 481 million yuan, 540 million yuan, 585 million yuan, profit of net of the corresponding period is respectively 35 million yuan, 41 million yuan, 51 million yuan. The corresponding period, obtaining governmental allowance is respectively two million nine hundred and fifty-eight thousand six hundred yuan, five million one hundred and seventy-three thousand three hundred yuan, eight million and twenty-five thousand nine hundred yuan, occupy current profit total scal爱上海龙凤419桑拿

e is respectively 7.20% , 11.04% , 13.72% .

Equity structure respect, sign day up to book of raise capital by floating shares, dragon is capable accuse a partner to be Xu Longping, control a company the share of 28.19% ; The company controls factitious Xu Longping and Zhang Yun actually to learn, two people control a company jointly the share of 47.55% . Xu Longping currently holds the post ofcompany president to hold ge上海千花网

neral manager concurrently, zhang Yun learns to hold the position of company director to hold assistant president post concurrently.


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