List of Ipo company queueing up is newest IPO examine and verify defers to vote enterprise


IPO examine and verify defers to vote the gross inside year obtains the business 13

” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter will learn from card inspect on September 26, the hair careful that held that day is met, examine and verify a hair application of 6 enterprises, among them, 4 are obtained through, 2 defer to vote.

From this, sin新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ce this year, already a hair of 13 enterprises applies for to defer to vote (among them, 3 go up 2 times can obtain through) .


Two enterprises that defer to vote yesterday are the country in Hai Ning respectively the Inc. that spin a city and Xinjiang torch阿爱上海同城

light gas Inc. , card inspect is met advocate board hair careful appoint did not give out the specific reason that defers to vote.

The personage inside course of study says, generally speaking, IPO head hair applies for to be deferred to vote, send careful likely appoint the information that pays close attention to doubt, also be hair careful likely appoint be clear about without examine and verify because of opinion of a few feedback, specific a case require concrete analysis.

Basis ” card inspect can issue measure of committee of examine and verify ” , hair careful appoint the major problem that the committee member discovers to existence still waits for investigation to check and the influence is judged 上海贵族宝贝交流区

clearly, ought to sending careful appoint offer to defer to vote with written means before the conference. Hair careful appoint the conference issues application to whether need to defer to vote to this stock above all undertake polling, agree with a ticket to count those who obtain 5 bank notes, can issue application to defer to vote to this stock; Agree with a ticket to count what did not obtain 5 bank notes, hair careful appoint the conference presses normal procedure to issue application to undertake examine and verify t上海夜网论坛

o this stock.

IPO applies for examine and verify to acquire 4 companies that pass yesterday is Zhejiang respectively Inc. of course of study of constant forest chair, Aikedi is Inc. , peaceful an Inc. of爱上海

equipment of Lehui international engineering and Inc. of group of trade of drug of Shaanxi Pan Long.

From hair careful appoint in light of query circumstance, to medicine kind enterprise, still do not circle commercial bribery this one problem. For instance, hair careful appoint benefit, gift is returned outside relevant doctor, medical personnel, medicine giving delegate or client rake-off, Zhang in asking medicine shows Pan Long to whether popularize an activity in learning, whether does existence assumes afore-mentioned personnel or charge travel to wait outside its relative churchyard covert commercial bribery; Market of the publisher inside report period popularizes the specific reason of ready money business of part of the existence in the activity, whether to put in cash commerce bribery; System of relevant built-in control whether be on guard effectively commercial bribery risk, photograph inside Shanghaiguan controls spent executive circumstance and its effectiveness. (reporter Zhu Baochen)

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