Japanese steel look forward to is exposed to the sun to build a holiday 10 years to distort partial aluminous product leaves factory data profits


Japanese steel look forward to is exposed to the sun to make a holiday 10 years car of plane new artery makes unconscious shadow

On October 8, kobe of 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

the 3rd big steely company makes Japan steel place admits to distort the technical data of partial product, shoddy consign client. ” negotiable securities daily ” the reporter consults Kobe makes net of official of steel place Chinese discover, its state car valve bedspring uses wire, there is 1 to use in every 2 cars on the world, car aluminous plank takes Japanese market traffic of 50% portion, railroad takes Japanese market with aluminous profile top portion.

In fact, this problem product affects really the range is extremely wide, although Kobe makes steel did not disclose name of company of specific experience thing, but understand according to the reporter, kobe makes steel basically be faced include car firm inside relevant transportation enterprises offers money, include car of cropland of company of company of heavy industry of 3 water chestnut, railroad of the East China Sea, abundant, Ma Zida, Sibalu to wait for enterprise of about 200 Japan to all suffer affect.

Analytic personage points out, after gasbag of afterwards tall cropland, the likelihood gives the scandal that Kobe makes steel place to come all the year round so-called in order to pledge the credit of Japanese manufacturing industry of get victory is brought again huge blow. Do not eliminate next Japanese car look forward to or will launch massive recall. And the main competitor that regards Chinese plane as ARJ-21, japan is in the Japan of research and development plane of branch line of first homebred jet-propelled plane of branch line of 3 water chestnut (the share of MRJ) and operation of company of railroad of passenger of Japanese the East China Sea is new trunk bullet train or suffer an effect the heaviest.


years old store makes a holiday 10 years

Distort leave factory data profits

The intermediary that seize day will report on October 8, japanese Kobe makes steel place released a message to say that day, the performance data of the partial aluminous product that its ever distorted to include intensity inside, hand-in-hand travel offers money. According to divulging, kobe makes steel place distort rejected product data, early begin with respect to organically before 10 years. Its are mixed in county of Japanese wood, ternary county the factory of business of all aluminous products of mountain pass county all discovers distort data. The factory of the products of subsidiary production copper that is located in divine Nai plain county also has seize to change behaviour. In going one year, the product that is suspected of making a holiday includes aluminous goods to make an appointment with nineteen thousand three hundred tons, cupreous products makes an appointment with 2200 tons, cupreous cast flows into large quantities of enterprises about nineteen thousand four hundred times, 4% what occupy a company to produce per year a quantity about.

According to the report, experience work shop already discovered before the product leaves factory certain respect does not amount to mark, revise the data such as intensity and dimension in product examination certificate however, and Kobe makes steel place controller be early by this year August already mastered aluminous product data to distort be related, but not open.

To this, kobe makes steel place respect admit, include intensity inside to those, the goods that short of and client decide, adapted to examine the data of certificate, although fail to achieve the client’s requirement, standard of industry of contented however Japan investigates the occupation standard that can establish. Kobe makes Yuan Shangren of plum of steel institute assistant president say the factory has to finishing the pressure of shipment goal, but deny those who come from headquarters superstratum violate compasses directive.

As we have learned, kobe makes steel is one of business of production of Japanese dominant iron and steel, the aluminous product that also is the tip inside Japan and cupreous product supplier. The company that established 1905 from 2010 market of China of make one’s bow, headquarters is set in Shanghai.

In fact, kobe makes steel be in 2016 money year appeared deficit. Because Kobe makes the creditor’s rights of project machinery business of steel place China reclaim hard,deficit reason is, will plan raise the 31 billion yen such as bad Zhang reserve (add up to a RMB about 1.9 billion yuan of) .

To seek new profit drop, the company costs 70 billion yen to enlarge Asian car to supply chain with aluminium. Current, kobe makes steel be in Chinese factory to be in already total May put into production, the yield that increases in county of Japanese wood can go into operation will realize 2020. According to the plan, the company will be in 2025 money year the profit before the dut阿拉爱上海同城

y of will aluminous business rises at least 30 bi爱上海龙凤419桑拿

llion yen further.

The 2017 money in firm past year first quarter, did not explode piece distort the Kobe of data scandal makes steel net sales revenue grows 7.6% to do business to; of 435 billion yen compared to the same period profit compared to the same period increase sharply 138.6% to profit of net of; of 30.3 billion yen by 2016 money year the deficit first quarter 2 billion yen turns for gain 25 billion yen.

New main car all accepts the plane affect

Japanese manufacturing industry cheats a shadow

Regard Chinese plane as the main competitor of ARJ-21, japan develops the tendency of old plane MRJ, get attention fully all along. After Kobe makes steel place build false accident, 3 water chestnut weigh labour to make a statement, affirmed be in the Japan of research and development plane of branch line of first homebred jet-propelled plane of branch line of 3 water chestnut (the problem product that MRJ) used Kobe to make steel place. Heavy industry of 3 water chestnut did not disclose particular use case but state relevant component is nonexistent safe problem, predict to won’t affect a plane the development process henceforth.

In addition, the train of partial new artery of operation of company of railroad of passenger of Japanese the East China Sea also used Kobe to make the problem product of 上海夜网论坛

steel place. This company shows, had confirmed relevant data, the intensity of problem product did not form a harm to running safety, car of will regular henceforth examination is timely change eligible product.

Recently, abundant cropland car expresses publicly, affirm the company used Kobe to make the problem product that steel place produces, door of the engine top that includes the partial model that assembles in the factory inside Japan, end, and the component such as the engine cover that problem aluminous products already was used at partial model. Abundant cropland respect is undertaking affirming to car security, if上海贵族宝贝论坛

involve car function and security, or will initiate massive recall.

Suffer likewise affect car look forward to still has Ma Zida and Sibalu. On October 8, two companies all affirmed to Kobe is used to make the problem product of steel place in the car part that produces in oneself. Data shows, the sales volume inside Ma Zida Japan was 200 thousand about 2016, si Balu is made an appointment with in the sales volume inside Japan amount to 160 thousand.

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