Fujian college gives birth to 10 kinds of case not to get transfer to be restricted to be the same as batch school with administrative levels only


The reporter learns yesterday, province education office is giv上海同城对对碰交友社区

en out ” the announcement that works about making transfer of student of very common colleges and universities ” , made clear college student to 10 is plant cannot the case of transfer, include enter a school not full one semester, plan to turn school of enter a school and turn give the school to be 上海贵族宝贝交流区

waited a moment in same city.

The announcement is clear, the student ought to be in the school that be admitted finish school, if sicken perhaps has special difficulty truly, cannot continue to learn in this school, can apply for transfer, among them need offers the student of sicken to give the school, examination that plans to turn into the school to appoint the above hospital such as 2 stage shell to prove via turning.


ncerned chief says, student transfer ought to be in with administrative levels, undertake between batch college together, the mark of the university entrance exam that its admit, should achieve plan to turn into the school relevant major is in ground of source of student the university entrance exam of corresponding a particular year admits a mark. The graduate student that applies for transfer plans to turn school of enter a school and turn level of major of the arrangement that上海龙凤论坛sh1f

gives the school, type, course considers.

Always the student has following one of 10 kinds of case, will not get transfer to another school: Enter a school上海夜网

is not full one semester; Mark of the university entrance exam under plan to turn professional and corresponding a particular year admits a mark related school of enter a school; Turn by administrative levels of low record of formal schooling for administrative levels of tall record of formal schooling; Through directional obtain employment, art kind, sports kind, the form of special recruit students such as group of movement of artistic group, Gao Shuiping admits Gao Shuiping; Did not unite an exam through whole nation of recruit students of common colleges and universities or did not use achievement of the university entrance exam to admit enter a school (contain recommend policemen of recruit students of unripe, alone exam, politics and law, the 2nd baccalaureate, rise only this, always make 5 years, 32 section are made etc) ; Plan to turn school of enter a school and 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

turn give the school to be in same city; Unit of 2 areas recruit students admits the graduate student turn into unit of one area recruit students; Interdisciplinary class; Should grant to leave school; Without other warrant. (reporter Xu Hanyu)


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