Chinese media publishs Korea to advocate Japanese sea mark is advertisement of politics of the East China Sea first


Chinese media first print Korea view is Japanese sea mark politics of the East China Sea sensitive advertisement.

Will publish on July 4 ” Chinese youth signs up for ” half edition ad is carried in the 7th edition, advertising content provides sensitivity quite, department Korea advocates Japanese sea mark is the political advertisement of the East China Sea.

It is good that Sino-South Korean relation has many? Does Sino-Japanese relation have many bad? Publish the advertisement on Chinese media to be able to see from.

On July 4, when be worth Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman to visit Han Zhi, the honeymoon that taking the advantage of Sino-South Korean relation period, published that day ” Chi上海贵族宝贝论坛

nese youth signs up for ” half edition ad is carried in the 7th edition, advertising content provides sensitivity quite, department Korea advocates Japanese sea mark is the political advertisement of the East China Sea.

Insurgent news notices, this advertisement ever was in ” new York Times ” had publ阿爱上海同城

ished English edition. And according to publishing a material, this should be China allows Han Fang to carry similar ad first. In view of in relatively neutral position is held on this problem since square past is long-term, this kind of advertisement is like blame or license, be like publish without the likelihood, this action is accordingly meaningful.

Advertising character content is: From the maritime space between Korea and Japan begins to be called before 2000 the East China Sea, also discovered a lot of similar evidence on all sorts of ancient maps of China and Europe. Also can send existing majority to be labelled be Japanese sea on ancient map of Japan even, return the SEAOFCOREA that be called, COREANSEA, MERDECORE to wait sometimes, from the point of these evidence, the East China Sea is the name that is used by common people place thoughout the history. Accordingly, we are trying hard to change the number of each country for the East China Sea, hope more Asian countries are chance with this, can make clear mark the East China Sea. The two countries in hope Han can上海贵族宝贝

make concerted effort, achieve 21 centuries northeast in all inferior peace and prosperity.

Besides the character, this advertisement still deserves to have northeast inferior considerably map, EASTSEA is tagged with English above.

Advertisement is made clear offer by Korea citizen group. Lower part still has of a network address, after clicking a website, appear the PDF Chinese documentation of a history of the East China Sea that introduces Korea side view in detail, this documentation connects trade department and northeast by Korea diplomacy inferior historical financial group is made.

Long-term since, korea is malcontent all the time the maritime space of Korea the eastpart part is called Japanese sea (SeaofJapan) .

Differ in the history period, this water area ever had many different names, ever was called sea of the East China Sea, Korea and Oriental sea to wait. Before 18 centuries, ever was used by constant ground without any name appellation this water area. Arrive from 18 centuries initial stage 19 centuries metaphase, korea sea and Japanese sea got be admissived extensively, the name that the person that become cartography often uses. This one name is in the East China Sea the written record with Korea the earliest peninsula but trace arrives BC 59 years, there is account in the document of a lot of Korea peninsula dynasties later. Chinese Tang Chao, the Russia with coastal Pacific Ocean will ever called this water area in 17 centuries the East China Sea.

Came 1904 1905 after day Russia war, this one nam爱上海同城

e got Japanese of great capacity more extensive approbate. Later, japanese national power rises ceaselessly, the colony that Korea peninsula is in Japan is regnant below, e上海夜网

xpress an opinion in international general affairs feebly. 1929, international channel measured an organization to publish the 23rd special document in Monaco to sit a meeting ” marine border ” , it is denominate of this water area formally Japanese sea.

Korea thinks, the name that is located in the international maritime space between a few countries to should not use a country only will name. The East China Sea (EastSea) the name that is a neutral, and east the position that the word uses at describing this sea area also appropriate. But considering, japanese sea long-standing of this one name, the proposal uses these two names at the same time in all government document.

Rise from 1992 at least, korea puts forward to change the problem of Japanese sea name in U.N. , at that time U.N. the to sit a meeting of geographical name problem that attending with respect to normative map of the world. Thenceforth rises, appeal to the scholar from Korea government official U.N. and international channel measure an organization to change Japanese sea name all the time, learn the means such as art colloquium to strive for support through leaving in article of the compose on the magazine and call together. In addition, civilian group returns Korea for many times to carry ad on American mainstream media, with enlarging oneself appeal to beg force, and first time is on Chinese media.

To this one controversy of Korea and Japan, square past supports indifferent attitude in. In the official document that is in China at present, this maritime space still is called Japanese sea.

On August 26, 2008, on the press conference of routine of Ministry of Foreign Affairs that day, the reporter asks: The name of the maritime space between peninsula of the Korea in the map on closure of Beijing Olympic Games and Japan is Japanese sea, korea expresses intense dissatisfaction to this, is excuse me this the footing of the mistake of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee or Chinese government? Korea already raised corrective requirement to this, excuse me in just have why to plan?

Answer of Qin Gang of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, the name of Japanese sea already was used extensively in the world, I believe in the name新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

that square concerned branch uses on closure also was to consult the usage of major nation on the world. We noticed Korea has different view and opinion to the place name of Japanese sea, the hope solves this one problem through negotiating appropriate about the country.

Nevertheless, this year on Feburary 25, hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in when responding to controversy of day Han islands, ever emphasized designedly, the territorial dispute of Japan and circumjacent neighbour with Japanese militarism external aggression and colonial and regnant history are concerned.

Worsen as Sino-Japanese relation nowadays, approach with each passing day between the Sino-South Korean, whether can be the position that christens a problem to go up in this maritime space just changed in, be worth to pay close attention to.


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