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A lot of people are in at ordinary times when have the habit that has potato carrot to burn chopA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Be used to, chop can match together with a lot of vegetable, no matter mouthfeel is good, flavour also is very pretty good. Those who need preparation basically is to have garlic of carrot green ginger, still a few do chili and cooking wine to wait a moment. Chop is washed clean, use hot water scald to just can issue boiler make first.

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How does potato carrot burn chop to do delicious?

With makings:

Chop tomato patch

Carrot green

Garlic ginger

Do chili cooking wine

Soy oil


How does potato carrot burn chop to do delicious?


1.Chop is abluent, rinse a few times more certainly.

2.Potato, carrot is abluent, flay, stripping and slicing.

3.Heat one boiler water, after waiting for water to leave, put in chop, pour a bit cooking wine to go in at the same time.

4.This moment can begin to prepare to issue green ginger garlic and chili.

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5.After chop waits for water to roll again, it is OK to be boiled a little again fish out1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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6.HotA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Boiler is oily, green ginger garlic, still have red hotNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Any of several hot spice plants is put in explode boiler.

7.After trail fragrance, break up into chop fry.

8.Add right amount water, put cooking wine and soy.

9.Potato and carrot are put to go in after boiler varus boils stew.

10.Add water again, water should have done not have horse of chop potato god.

11.Put salt, small fire is stewed, remember turning over boiler in the process of juice stopping boiling water.

12.Shang Zhishou can have pot very much ~

How does potato carrot burn chop to do delicious?

Small stick person:

1, after chop is bought, must rinse for many times, scald of certain overheat water goes hematic water and float foam, scald when the OK and proper cooking wine that increase a point goes raw meat or fish.

2, when stewing, grow quite, scarcely wants cling to to see TV god horse forget turn over boiler


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