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Chapter introduction

Consider to discover, the nutrient material in onion has antiphlogistic and antiseptic effect, water of onion of because this is right amount drinkable evaporate can rise expectorant the effect that relieve a cough, suit especially won’t the infants of expectoration, after evaporate has boiled treasure Mom, drink one spoon to darling, a day 3, 3 days OK heal, need not take any medicaments at all.

Is evaporate onion water OK and expectorant?

One, is evaporate onion water OK and expectorant?

Consider to discover, thermalization of evaporate onion Shui Youqing is phlegmy the effect that relieve a cough.

Is evaporate onion water OK and expectorant?

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2, the effect of onion
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1, onion also can have the certain effect that protects skin. Actually onion is planted to each dermatological department disease, be like eczema dermatitis urticaria for instance is the effect that has fair treatment, onion is to contain active part, can cell of effective desalt melanin, can have the beauty’s white effect.

2, onion also can effectiveShanghai noble baby

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Precautionary human body forms cancer of the stomach, the material that fights cancer is contained in onion, what can prevent cancer cell effectively is proliferous, onion eats morer, suffer from on the odds of cancer of the stomach is lower.

Is evaporate onion water OK and expectorant?

3, onion is to be able to have hurried digestive effect, the active part in onion can be united in wedlock with carbohydrate photograph, and the peristalsis that still can stimulate human body bowel to, restrain the hyperplasia of alvine path bacterium, improve costive symptom effectively. Often costive friends can take a few onion more, can have modulatory effect.

4, onion also can alleviate eyestrain, the active material in onion can promote the synthesis of corneal collagen albumen, return the transparency that can maintain eye crystal, change effectivelyFall in love with the sea

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Faintness of eyesight of be apt to and the symptom with fatigue eye.

5, onion also has the effect that combats consenescence. Because be to contain a few freedom that fight oxidation to be able to remove human body in onion base, effective precautionary human body forms furrow, still can prevent airframe ageing at the same time.


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